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VW Electric SUVs Make Mysterious Noises When Parked – What’s the Reason?

Electric cars are gaining fame but for some folks, their lack of noise is an issue. Since there is no combustion engine, they don’t create much sound!

Because they don’t have a loud engine, it’s now required that they make a noise when driving slower than 18 mph for safety reasons. That way, pedestrians won’t miss the sound of their tires on the pavement and can avoid any potential accidents.

Electric cars need to make some noise while driving, but car manufacturers can pick whatever sound they want.

Some opt for a cool whirring sound or something that’s out of this world like an ethereal melody, and some are even rocking out with music! 

Is it the Engine?

The VW ID.4 SUV surprises owners with noisy parked performances! Yup, this electric car makes some quirky sounds during software updates. Apparently, speed sensors and CAN-Bus are disconnected briefly causing a bug. As a result, the ID.4’s low speed sounds play even when the car is parked!

Though endearing, Volkswagen is expected to roll out a solution soon. In the meantime, if your ID.4 starts making peculiar sounds, it’s not the engine making the sound. And don’t hesitate to record it on your phone and share it with your friends.


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